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The Mind, Money and Meaning Program is a yearlong virtual program for entrepreneur's who are wanting to start-up and scale their businesses.

You'll be guided through a journey that will help you become an expert at the three pillars of business success – Marketing, Sales, and Leadership taught by some of the industries most successful experts.

The program models some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world to help you discover what creates results for you. 

You’ll get a masters level education in Marketing, Sales, and Leadership. When you join us for this 6 month program, you gain access to knowledge, resources, experts, and new relationships that will significantlly impact your ability to create impact and results both personally and professionally.

This program was designed as an alternative to the MBA where your ROI is days and weeks instead of years.  You'll learn what the most successful entrepreneurs know about what causes professional excellence, financial success and accelerated results.

What Do I Get With This Program?
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As an entrepreneur you are likely in one of these 3 phases:
  1. Startup Phase – Getting the Value Equation Right: If you are in startup mode, your head is probably spinning trying to figure out how to position yourself in the market place, get leads for customers, close them and build a product that works without running out of cash. On any given day (or in any given minute) your attention is split between marketing, sales, and fulfillment. This is literally the first step in understanding your business model, and yet most entrepreneurs never go beyond it. The Startup Phase has less to do with how long you’ve been in business and more to do with the maturity of your business process.

  2. Sustainability PhaseRepeatable, Replenishable, & Predictable:If you’ve reached the Sustainability phase, you are regularly able to pay the bills and have some left over for yourself. You’ve got a reliable and repeatable source of new business – which is probably good word-of-mouth. Your sales and fulfillment have a predictable success rate, but most of your attention is consumed by solving short-term customer issues and making ends meet. Entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses often dream of big deals, generous lead sources and new product lines that they hope will launch them into scalability. In this phase, it can seem like the only way to grow your business is to work harder at it.

  3. Scalability - Automate, Delegate, & Outsource: If you’ve reached the Scalability phase, you understand your customer and the value that you provide well enough to successfully automate, delegate, or outsource your major business processes. You’ve probably got a lead generation mechanism that is working, and you have figured out how to remove yourself from aspects of fulfillment as well. Your attention is free to create innovative ways of reaching a broader customer base and having more impact with each customer. From here on out, it can feel like the most important thing you can do for you business is to ‘get out of your own way’.
Who Is This Program For? 
Join A Community of Your Peers
This program is for you if you are in either the Startup or Sustainability phase of your business and you are looking for expert help on how to begin to really grow and scale your business.

The most successful people understand that you don't reach a high level of success alone.This program will help you move through the startup and sustainability phase into scaling your business. Click the button below to join this community and participate in this program.
Mind Money Meaning Program
Six Month Virtual Entrepreneurs Program for Scaling Your Business
Here’s a sneak peak at some of what the Program includes:
  • 6 month membership to the website
  • Access to the entire library of resources on entrepreneurship including topics like:  marketing, sales, leadership, rapid scale, product launches, and much more!
  • Call recordings which dive deeply into a topic, and then open forum dialogue on our community group where we'll do online coaching with you
  • Access to interviews with the industry's leading experts
  • Access to the entire live footage from our 2 day event