The Level 7 Leadership Group is our flagship mastermind program designed for the most dynamic dreamers and doers who are looking to go from success to significance. We hand select the 40 most successful, interesting, and exciting entrepreneurs we know to work together for one year to create extraordinary results. Networking, Masterminding, Brain-Storming with like minded, success-driven people who share real life experiences with you.

It is about game-changing results that mean new business opportunities, better insight from peers and experts in a wide-range of fields, and real-time deal-construction that generates true bottom-line performance. 
It is an environment of radical action, contribution, and personal growth.

It  is about creating awakening experiences and identity level changes that help you become the most evolved version of yourself.  This program is not a dry business seminar or shticky marketing summit. It is meant to get at the nature of who we are, and express that through successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Building the best mastermind possible involves the convergence of truly exceptional people, a highly collaborative and thought-provoking environment, and hyper-relevant hands-on time to allow everyone to work on each other’s businesses.

Hear From Fellow Members
We are currently hand selecting our 30 - 40(max)  members for the 2014 program that begins in San Francisco on March 21st..  Enter your name and email below and we'll schedule some time to talk.
2013 Level 7 Leadership Group
12-Month Flagship Mastermind Program for High Impact Entrepreneur's

Who Is This Program For? 
Program Format - What's Included
Going from Success to Significance
The emphasis every month is on collaboration, creating breakthroughs, critical thinking and strategic shifting of your paradigm and thus your business – improving your business more quickly than you could do yourself.

You should expect every time we all get together – to receive and implement dozens of ideas that result from this fast-paced, group mentoring dynamic. The value of those ideas will range from incremental to outrageous.
If you are curious about joining us, we’d like to hear from you. It begins with filling out the interest form below with your Name and your best Email address and we'll be in touch shortly.

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”I am now developing a distribution partnership and seeking funding. I also have a book deal. This is your chance to awaken your greatest gift. If you have found great successes but need that hand to help you cross the threshold to purpose, this program is for you.”
– Maryann Baumgarten, Microsoft

”I have spent the last 16 years taking workshops and going on retreats and this program is by far and away one of the best investments in I have ever made. I felt I got my money’s worth after the first day of the program.”
– Daniel Christofferson Owner Deer Dancing Healing Arts

”Business is up. Prospects are up. Peace is up.”
– Gil Friend Founder Natural Logic

”Here’s the deal: Beyond what Bryan and Jennifer will teach you about business, beyond your own personal transformations, I’ve found the most powerful thing about enrolling in Ascended Masters is the stellar group of people that Bryan and Jennifer have attracted into their program. An incredibly gifted, successful, inspired group of people who have blessed my life with their talents and insight, and have taken my business far beyond what I’d thought possible… Surround yourself with successful peo
ple, and you can’t help but be lifted by the tide.”
– Bryan Bayer, Co-Founder

”You’ve taught me how to make hundreds of thousands (over $600,000 last year) – now I want you to teach me how to make tens of millions. ”
–- Kane Minkus Founder Somatone & Co-Founder

”I went from bleeding red ink in my brick and mortar to making a tasty profit. I used to have fear and anxiety about my business – now I feel powerful and free. These are some of the best teachers on the planet and the community will allow you to thrive.”
–- Jena La Flamme Founder

”You probably know that you don’t have it all figured out, and you probably have had the experience of finding mentors and teachers and other resources to help you figure it out. You’ve probably even had some great insights from others. With that in mind, I’d be willing to bet cash money, in pretty much any amount that you can afford to lose, that if you play hard in Bryan and Jennifer’s program you’ll get higher level insight and immediately actionable ideas then have you received from any other resource. Bryan and Jennifer have a unique ability to leapfrog insight into your process of “figuring it out” in a way that will transform your business both in terms of growth/profit, and in terms of the dream you have for own life and contribution through your business. Care to bet?”
– Alex Van Dyne Relationship Expert, Author & Creator Revolutionary Sex Programs

Here's How to Join Us
How to Participate
We are currently hand selecting between 30-40 (max) members for the 2014 program that begins in San Francisco on March 21st.  Enter your name and email below if you are curious about learning more and we'll schedule some time to talk.
Your responsibility — to yourself, your business, and the group, is to take the advice, instruction, specific directions and ideas we, and the group, gives you each month of your participation – and use it to grow personally and professionally.

We’ll be accelerating, enhancing and dramatically expanding what you’d achieve on your own. With a small investment, you probably CAN uncover the forces that will double, perhaps even redouble again the revenue and income your business can earn you.

The most impactful group experience on the planet.